Automotive eXperience Score

Automotive eXperience Score

Welcome to the future of car UX

When innovation is moving at a breakneck pace, you want to know you’re spending precious time and money developing features and benefits that are meaningful to users. The Automotive Experience Score (AXS) offers a comprehensive solution to support confident design decisions and elevate your vehicle’s user experience. 


leading OEMs worldwide
that we have helped make data-driven decisions.


cars validated
to build our database.


participants in each country,
ensuring statistically stable results.

Design the nextgen auto experience with on-demand data

The AXS is a holistic and nuanced toolkit for evaluating automotive user experience (UX) by synthesizing diverse metrics and methodological principles. Through its blend of objective performance measures and subjective user feedback, AXS equips automotive manufacturers with the insights needed to refine their interfaces, enhance user satisfaction, and drive forward the evolution of in-vehicle systems. 

Our robust, consistent AXS methodology

Rooted by stringent guidelines mandated by the FDA for the healthcare industry, the AXS methodology exemplifies a thoughtful integration of proven research tools with domain-specific adjustments, ensuring that user satisfaction measurements are reliable and relevant to the automotive context. The focused use of the after scenario questionnaire (ASQ) underscores AXS’s commitment to harnessing validated methods to enhance the comprehensiveness and precision of automotive UX evaluation. 

Your benefits with AXS

Customize your dashboard

Access a wide range of models to address specific research questions across various vehicle segments. Easily compare single-car models, brands, segments, and tasks 

On-demand global insights

Gain insights from target users worldwide, with research conducted in key automotive markets. We base our findings on a statically sufficient number of 40 test subjects per car per market, allowing us to deliver valid conclusions about UI development in line with the target markets. 

Reliable benchmarking score

The AXS has been validated with scientific methods (summative testing), recognized industry-standard research tools (e.g. ASQ, UX Score, NPS), and proven measurements (e.g. task completion rate and driver distraction). 

Established, trusted partner

With 20 years of experience in the automotive space and ISO-9001 certification, our reliable team of 200+ experts are ready to help you uncover insights based on real users. 

Ready to transform ​your in-car usability?

Join us in shaping the future of automotive UX with data-driven decision-making. Gain unparalleled insights into your automotive products and outperform the competition with our growing database.  

Interested in the science?

We have documented the validated method used to produce the AXS in a comprehensive whitepaper. You can download it here: