COVID response

COVID response

COVID-related impact to in-person user research around the globe

The global spread of COVID-19 has impacted how we conduct user research. Our commitment to safety applies to all visitors and employees of ReSight Global companies at all office and research locations.

As health and safety guidelines evolve, we have a finger on the pulse of the latest best practices to maintain face covering and social distancing throughout the participant and observer experience. We have implemented processes to protect both researchers and participants. Recruiters will also communicate all procedures to participants in advance of fieldwork.


As travel and face-to-face communication are limited to different degrees across the world, it is challenging to plan research 3-5 weeks out without knowing what type of research may even be possible. Using our global network of UX firms, we tracked the status of research methods possible in key test locations since lockdowns began. Even though we are no longer tracking this data in real time, using “boots on the ground” information from our partners is still possible to get the help you need to plan your research!

We encourage you to reach out to our local partners for the latest COVID-related restrictions that may impact your research. In locations where remote, in-home, or in-lab sessions are still feasible, we advise clients to proceed with caution and plan for the impact of COVID (e.g. budget for larger over-recruit, screen for COVID exposure).