Employee experience

Employee experience

Our business is people.

We’ve been in the user research business for over 25 years. We have interviewed people in call centers, airplane cabins, fast food restaurants, train stations, hospitals, while they are working, in their cars, kitchens, living rooms, farming their fields, even kayaking (ask us about this one!). Basically, if you can name a location or activity, it’s likely we’ve conducted research there.

While we are with them, we observe and capture experience. We understand how people interact with and the behaviors associated with using a product or service. We understand needs and how they expect products to fit seamlessly into their private or work lives. Using that research as a foundation, we apply user experience and human factors principles and best practices to craft recommendations that help organizations do better, design better, ultimately, to deliver better experiences to their customers, patients, diners, passengers, employees.

When we understand how people think, we can design experiences that are frictionless and intuitive. Great experiences do not simply occur by chance. The opportunity is to use research to not only create engaging experiences, but to effectively shape experiences to sync with business needs and intentions.

We think there is a better way to provide actionable support that will be unique and meaningful to you. We have locations all over the world, so start by dropping us an email at [email protected] or connect with a local expert below: